This conference is a platform for discussion and dialogue and the hosts encourage all participants to make contributions related to the interdisciplinary conference themes. We encourage abstracts and discussion papers from various schools of thought and areas in order to enrich the conference content in a way that may suggest significant solutions to the refuge issues. we also welcome topic suggestions for the panel discussions.

The Conference gathers key actors and academia from Jordan, the Middle East and Europe (esp. Germany). Thereby, it follows the structure outlined by the three sustainable solutions and visits the options of repatriation, resettlement and sustainable cohesion in the host country respectively host community.


  1. Analysis of the current situation of protracted displacements
  2. Evaluation of the perspectives for durable solutions and possible measures
  3. Identification of potentials and strategies for the integration of displaced scholars in the host countries and their role in shaping policies of reconstruction in the home country
  4. Identification of potentials and strategies for the integration of displaced graduates in the labor market
  5. Clarification of the Role of Social Work in situations of protracted

Areas of Interest

  1. Current Displacement Situation in the Middle East
  2. Conflict Solution and Reconciliation as Prerequisite
  3. Reconstruction of Education and Research Structures in Syria
  4. Repatriation Services
  5. Resettlement Practice
  6. Limbo
  7. Displaced Scholars and Students and their Reintegration into the Higher Education System in Host Countries
  8. Social Cohesion and Security
  9. Infrastructure and Services
  10. Media
  11. Protection of Children Families and Women
  12. Health and Psychosocial Support
  13. Labor Market Integration and Social Benefits
  14. The Role of Social Work
  15. Past Situations of Protracted Displacement and Lessons to be Learned (Considering the areas of expertise, research and activities of the different partners, special and crosscutting focuses are Social Work and Higher Education)

Requirements for attending as a researcher

  1. Send an electronic copy of the abstract of your paper on the “Online Submission” page. The abstracts will be evaluated by the Scientific Committee and the authors will be informed about abstract acceptance.
  2. Authors with accepted abstracts are welcome to submit their paper in either Arabic or English, along with the abstracts. In the final edition be consider the following:
    • Paper not to exceed 20 pages
    • Paper should include a clear presentation of scientific methodology

Participants are also encouraged to submit a pre-organized panel. Pre-organized panels consist of a minimum of three and a maximum of five presenters and include a chair and a discussant. The submission of a pre-organized panel requires an abstract of the over-all ration of the panel and the abstracts of all individual contributions.

See the abstract submission and deadlines