From and to the airport:

Queen Alia International Airport is the main airport in Jordan and located in south Amman (approximately 45 minutes) from Amman’s downtown.

From Queen Alia International Airport, you can take an airport taxi, it costs around 15 JOD. There is also a shuttle bus from and to the airport every 30 minutes and it costs 3 JOD. See the website for more information about the bus schedule.

Transportation within Amman:

Yellow Taxis
you can find the yellow taxis everywhere and it’s the cheapest public transportation apart from the buses. Most of the hotels have taxi drivers’ numbers, you can ask the hotel to order taxi for you.


This is the main and cheapest public transportation in Jordan. The fare is around .500 JOD.
There are two types of buses: normal buses and Amman buses. The normal buses usually don’t have an exact timetable and they are named by their destinations. Amman buses are the new buses started in June 2019. They have timetables, card, routes and stopes.


Download the AMMAN BUS app and plan your trip:

UBER/Careem (local Uber):
Uber and Careem are application for ride booking in Jordan. They are the most useful transportation; you can quickly find a taxi near you or pre order it at certain location on an exact time. You can pay cash or with Visa Card. Its more expensive than the normal taxis.
Uber on Playstore
Uber on Appstore
Careem on Playstore
Careem on Appstore

Map for the Public Transportation in Amman:
This map is for the all public transportation in Amman, including the normal buses, white cars and coasters. It’s not official map, but it’s done by local volunteersto help people get the transportation easily.
The website: